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Castle Rock Design and Development, inc. is an innovative design and construction company that specializes in unconventional concrete buildings and homes. This unconventional building type is earthquake-proof, fire-proof, and hurricane-proof. The structure is based on shotcrete and steel rebar (instead of wood) and there are no wall cavities. Termites have no wood to chew on and the lack of wall cavities simplifies long term maintenance. The polyurethane foam insulation on the outside keep the structure temperate, making it cool in summer and warm in winter.

Thin-Shell Concrete Structures

Learn more about our thin-shell concrete structures, including the construction process, the many advantages with this type of green building, or watch a video displaying some of the features and benefits of thin-shell concrete structures. See our "Recent News & Articles" section below for links.

Have you ever seen gigantic bubbles while driving by a construction site? Castlerock Design and Development, Inc. specializes in thin-shell concrete dome structures.
Inflate  Inflate

The Maybell Project: A California, Bay Area Concrete Dome Structure

See the progress of the Bay Area's first thin-shell concrete "bubble" home, located in Palo Alto, CA. The Maybell Project features photographs which chronicle the various construction phases of a thin-shell concrete building. From spraying polyurethane foam, laying rebar, and spraying shotcrete, all the way to the finishing touches, you can view how the Maybell residential thin-shell concrete dome "bubble" home was built. (Status: Still Under Construction)

An artists rendering of the Maybell Project in Palo Alto, California. This thin-shell concrete dome has many advantages over traditional construction.
Foam Dome

The unique balance of style, safety, and comfort that our thin-shell concrete structures brought our project the attention of a local TV News station: CBS Channel 5 Eyewitness News. See the local news covering our latest Thin Shell Concrete Project (News Video). See a brief interview with Jarom Feriante, regarding the thin-shell concrete structure in-progress: Maybell Project Interview in Palo Alto, California.

Recent News & Articles

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